By Roseita Royce - London 2012

A unique, contemporary romantic story of Persian woman, her Spanish lover -well known film director, her Iranian husband -an aggressive psycho, as well as her old first lover found her on Facebook who is now an Iranian military officer.

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Roseita is a young intellectual and beautiful Persian actress and model who also runs a successful company, which she has built from scratch. She lives a happy life with her children and her loving husband an acclaimed film director -Antonio, until her first lover finds her on facebook after 20 years. This old flame -Harry- is now an Iranian army colonel.

Despite being married himself, Harry still has feeling for Roseita and expects her to return the feeling. So, as Roseita has no other choice except to write her story to explain him that she couldn’t, she starts to remember and relive her life story.

She remembers how she has lost connection to Harry and thinks that love was over, she fell in love with Boris -her first husband. He was a handsome and energetic college-mate, and they get married soon afterwards.

Boris turned out to be a very aggressive and abusive bipolar, who makes deep physical and psychological injuries. That made Roseita’s life a living hell. But with a child involved it is not easy for Roseita to undo the marriage.

Roseita decides to distance herself from the situation. She moves to UAE where her mother’s side of family are. With the old family’s connections in that country, Roseita forms a successful advertising company, without talking to her family about her problems.  

Boris gradually joins them and slowly gets himself in to controlling the new company and as he feels more stable starts his cruel behaviour even more intensively. She asks for divorce.

But Boris is madly in love with Roseita and being married under Islamic rules, Boris has all the control over the divorce, and he won’t let her go.

Roseita has no other option than to go even farther away, so she decides to go to Canada to study for a higher degree.

She luckily happens to get a job in a film studio and moves into the studio’s residential complex.

She coincidentally befriended an older Spanish neighbour of hers, Antonio,

Antonio is 16 years older mature Spanish guy but is energetic, smart and witty. Surprisingly he is as lonely as Roseita is.

Little did they know that they will find the love of their lives and won’t be able to depart.  They need to fight against all the odds to be together

Roseita and Antonio support each other in many terrible occasions. Antonio lets her know of his story of his troubled marriage to show Roseita isn’t alone. That his singer wife has left him for a boy toy of her band, but this kept as a secret in fear of media ruining their career. To this baffling truth, Roseita reacts by revealing her true story of life, too that shocks Antonio.

This strengthen the bound of their friendship much deeper than it was.

Boris is the legal husband and is not prepared to let Roseita rest in peace with someone else.

Harry, although claiming that is in control of himself, is still in love and doesn't want to accept the changes.

Roseita and Antonio keep sex off the table for a long while. But their hidden desire of each other takes control when they are drugged and dizzy.

Antonio loves Roseita is now dead serious about getting married with her.

Children, and unborn baby, true lovers, past and present, divorce application, rape and violence, love and care, fight, culture, religion, borders, jobs, success, failure, …

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