A truly cinematic and breathtaking novel by
Roseita Royce
Don't let Him Bring you Down!
Translated by: Mary Ellen & Bernard Williams
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“...On my way, I looked at those huge buildings and film studios and I was filled with a sense of admiration and joy, as though I was on my way to heaven... Everything was always open…”

p. 33 ~ p. 35


“I hated him...I took my two months old baby and left for Dubai. Although I was very young, with my marketing skills and good public relations I was able to get some great jobs...I registered a company in Dubai”

p. 24

Leaving Dubai

“...When the plane took off, I looked lovingly at the land I was leaving behind. I spent my best years there. I started twice from nothing and gained everything. The land I loved and had a deep connection with it.”

p. 180

Dubai Office

“I lost the company I worked so hard to make. ... I put all my energy to rebuild the company again. I contacted everyone I knew and started marketing. I called my contacts...all I can say is that it made me learn new things”

p. 47

Los Angeles

“When I returned to L.A. I told Antonio about my trip. That not only I helped with the fashion show, I also did modelling in a music video... but Antonio was worried about the press and risks of being with him in the L.A. He wanted to keep me safe…”

p. 173

Antonio is alone in Los Angeles

“When I was staying with Antonio...his wife was nowhere to be seen...It was the same in their London house but I’ve always thought that was because they spend time together in L.A. ... Now I knew that wasn’t true”

p. 106

Grandfather’s House

“The one thing I loved most about grandfather's house, was the crowd and the happy noises they made... They talked business, they told each other jokes, they laughed aloud... It always had a very warm and friendly ambience.”

p. 178

Boris Abuses Roseita

“Boris grabbed my hairs and turned my head, looked directly in to my eyes and said ‘Be careful! If I realise you pursued the divorce application, I would kill you with these hands.’ He let his hand to slide over and pushed my throat as he was threatening.”

p. 128

Secret Garden

“... tonight was different. I felt light-headed and dizzy. I was losing balance, and I was laughing for absolutely no reason...He thought there was something in the food or drinks...he explained … that we've been drugged.”

p. 143

Trip to Tehran

“Everything looked unfamiliar. I couldn’t even understand the people...I felt like everything had changed during my absence. Even people... The things I’d left behind didn’t hold any meaning to me... People’s values had changed, along with their appearances.”

p. 68


“We had a blast that week. Riding boats, having sex on board a yacht...swimming and having sex in the pool and on the beach, getting aromatic oil massages, hot tubs, sex on the grass, at dawn, at dusk, in the dead of the night, while sleeping, in the afternoon.”

p. 282

River Thames through Windsor

Antonio took us somewhere near Windsor. It had breathtaking views. Beautiful trees and lush green grass.

p. 226

Antonio reveals his desire

“...on vacation in Spain...we went riding on the beach...Antonio came and stood in front of me and then halted the horses...then He came closer and looked deep into my eyes: ‘… you found out my secret. You know that, right?’ ”

p. 38

Our little haven

“...the river was shining like liquid gold under the sun...The minutes were flying by and we were enjoying each other. We watched the sunset through the windows of our lavish bedroom with our naked bodies locked in to each other...”

p. 232

Passionate love

“We were intertwined together and as we were kissing, we walked to the master bedroom... ...our bodies were wrapped around each other's as our fingers tangled and slid together... This was the love that I've been waiting for...”

p. 231


“What a path I have had to go and what days I have left behind, what difficulties, to be standing here today at this beautiful day, to choose freely to spend the rest of my life with my love.”

p. 289

Children's of us

Such a long road has taken to be on this day. Pains are over but broken hearts stay forever

Happily Ever After. Or is it?

Do you think whether my life with Antonio and our beloved family would be a happily ever after, or...?

5 Star Reading Experience